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Our Cape Town – Saldanha route is now up and running!!

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Chamber Air is not an airline. It is a facilitating agent that is there to realize the economic activity possible outside metropolitan areas, by empowering air charter companies to service non-scheduled routes by optimizing their yield management with the assistance of Chambers of Commerce.

Chamber Air is a trademark owned by the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry that is registered in South Africa by an Act of Parliament to support the business of all types and all sizes. It is governed by a Constitution available here and is a member of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).


Chamber Air promotes growth

Chamber Air is not an airline – it is a facilitating agent that was founded to stimulate the economic potential outside major metropolitan areas.


What is USH and its benefits

This term refers to Ultra Short Haul: routes of 100 – 300+ km that have not traditionally been serviced with scheduled carriers.


How does a route arise?

A USH route is identified by any party who will inform their local Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce will approach Chamber…