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About Us

About Chamber Air

Chamber Air is not an airline. It is a facilitating agent that is there to realise the economic activity possible outside metropolitan areas, by empowering air charter companies to service non-scheduled routes by optimising their yield management with the assistance of Chambers of Commerce.

Chamber Air is a trademark owned by the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry that is registered in South Africa by an Act of Parliament to support business of all types and all sizes. It is governed by a Constitution available here and is a member of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).

What Qualifies as a Chamber of Commerce for Chamber Air discount?

Although an organisation might call itself a Chamber, discounts are only applicable to members of Chambers that meet the following criteria:

  • Operate as a legal entity.
  • Have a constitution.
  • Provide subscription-based membership.
  • Have annual audited financial accounts.
  • Be a not for profit association, either by registration type or dictated by its Constitution.
  • To find your nearest Chamber, search ‘Chamber of Commerce’ or ‘Chamber of Business’.

Programs and Stakeholders

It is there to change a child’s life with an experience they will never forget.

The flights we take bookings for are ultra short haul, which usually requires only one pilot. In a fixed wing aircraft, when there is only one pilot, he/she is the captain, and sits on the left. That means the co-pilot (or first officer) seat on the right is free. In rotary wing aircraft (i.e. helicopters), it is the other way around.

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  • Local Government who will see an increase in GDP for their region – especially from IDZ’s and SEZ’s.
  • Industry, commerce and trade as well as tourism in the outlying areas.
  • Business and leisure travelers where road travel constraints are considerations, and those who would want a connecting flight.

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Know More About Us

Chamber Air promotes growth

Chamber Air is not an airline – it is a facilitating agent that was founded to stimulate the economic potential outside major metropolitan areas. It does this by empowering air charter companies to include routes not serviced by traditional commercial carriers, thereby optimizing the charter’s yield with the assistance of all Chambers of Commerce to provide a cost-effective service. And our service is nowhere near as complicated as that sentence.

This term refers to Ultra Short Haul: routes of 100 – 300+ km that have not traditionally been serviced with scheduled carriers. Using Chambers of Commerce with their existing resources, their member base and ubiquitous presence together with participating charter airlines, this has now become economically feasible for all parties concerned. The term USH does not appear in the industry lexicon, and was first introduced by Chamber Air.

Although regional in nature, an entire country’s economy benefits. Areas outside major metros can offer many advantages to the economy, as they provide benefits to a business that can’t be found in metros. These would include special development zones or advantages for production close to natural resources. Chamber Air makes air travel viable to these routes, accelerating their contribution to the economy and the many stakeholders involved. We don’t know precisely why, but when you introduce air access to a region, the economy increases substantially – and not at the expense of overall GDP.

A USH route is identified by any party who will inform their local Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce (either at the departing or arriving destination) will approach Chamber Air for the guidelines on how to incorporate their route into the system, eventually being able to list their flights with Chamber Air (the domain will be ready soon with even more automation and an eCommerce facility).

Introducing a route is a detailed process that involves a host of parties including the airfields, charter companies, local municipalities, tourism organisations, Chamber members as well as ancillary clients such as ground support, courier companies and pathology laboratories.  We will assist with the various MOU’s, the allowed activities when operating in the aviation industry as well as procedures, general advice and marketing support.