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Front Seat Programme

Use this opportunity to:

  • Offer an incentive to an employee’s child
  • Strengthen your community ties
  • Get exposure on social media
  • Introduce aviation as a career choice
  • Reward a child
  • Give a birthday present
  • Broaden your social media investment efforts

Contact us today to give a child the Front Seat to an experience that will give them a whole new perspective.

Change a child’s life with an experience they will never forget.

The flights we take bookings for are an ultra short-haul, which usually requires only one pilot. In a fixed-wing aircraft, when there is only one pilot, he/she is the captain and sits on the left. That means the co-pilot (or first officer) seat on the right is free. In rotary-wing aircraft (i.e. helicopters), it is the other way around.

On certain of our flights, we have the co-pilot seat available. You can sponsor a child in grade 8 and above with the following experience:

  • They will be collected from their home and driven to the airfield
  • They will be given a goodie bag, that will contain amongst other things, a co-pilot’s cap.
  • They will meet the captain who will go through a brief safety drill with them (mainly not to interrupt the pilot until after he has given you the OK after take-off and before landing, how to wear the seat belt etc).
  • They will fly to the destination and back in the co-pilot’s seat, or in certain circumstances, will be driven one of the legs.
  • After the flight, they will receive a certificate of accomplishment from the Chamber, bearing your company name.
  • They will be chauffeured home.
  • And they will have had an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!!

I’d like to change a child’s life on the Front Seat Programme

Please contact me.


Currently only available in the Cape Town metropolitan area. Want to help us expand? Click here