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A. This is a new term for air travel that covers very short distances in the 100 – 300+ km range.

A. Areas outside major metros can offer many advantages to the economy, as they offer benefits to a business that can’t be found in metros. These would include special economic zones or advantages for production close to natural resources. Chamber Air makes air travel affordable to these routes.

A. Absolutely not – we offer no airline operational services – we are a booking and facilitating agent. That means we will open new routes and assist charter companies to service these routes cost effectively (and with affordable rates).

A. This economic boost would not exist if it was not for Chambers of Commerce. So, to ensure you continue to receive this service, we ask that you support your local Chamber. Costs are relatively low and you get many other benefits.

A. Charter companies are not necessarily licensed to run a schedule service, even if it is to a destination that is not currently served by any other airline with regular flights. Hopefully this will change in the future as the aviation industry appreciates the benefits of the sharing economy, but until then, we can only list flights that the charter company is flying on that date and has space available.

A. All charter companies that make available space and seats need to provide proof to Chamber Air that they have all the necessary current certification and licenses from their local civil aviation authority to ensure safe carriage. Air charter with qualified carriers is considered a safe mode of travel.

A. Chamber Air is not just about saving time. In some instances, the time saving would be minimal compared to road. However, you would arrive in a fraction of the time and in a fresher condition than spending hours on the road fighting traffic – and be in time for dinner on the same day saving you overnight costs.

A. Yes you can. In that case you could even choose your date and time, depending on availability. The member discount would also apply in this case.

A. No problem, Chamber Air will liaise with your local Chamber of Commerce to determine if a qualified Charter company has capacity and can fly it cost-effectively. If that turns out to be the case, we will put them on our system and you can book through us. This process can take a while, so if you’re in a hurry – go straight to your charter company, but make sure they belong to a Chamber of Commerce.

A. Good question. Safety in air travel is never compromised, and although most aircraft can tolerate extremes in weather, there are some instances where caution is exercised and the scheduled flight time cannot be met. For instance, many of the smaller airfields we serve do not have ILS (instrument landing system), so if fog is reported at the destination airfield, the flight will not take off or will deviate to the nearest airfield with the necessary automation.

A. Another good question. Travelling with Chamber Air is different. If your plane cannot depart for whatever reason, your local Chamber will have a backup mechanism where ground transportation will be made available. However, you will also have a host of choices in addition to ground transportation, such as a refund or postponing to another day.

A. No. Charter flights may have baggage limitations more stringent than the commercial airlines. In some cases, only soft bags are allowed. Also, if you have any baggage considered unsafe for air travel, these will not be allowed on the flight. Please check your flight ticket for specific limitations.

A. If there was, he/she would have to sit on your lap. Aircraft for these short flights do usually not have an aisle. Chamber Air promotes an economy service. Although we treat you like royalty, for a high end luxury experience where budget is not a problem, contact us for a quotation. There are even bucket list experiences that cost in excess of $20 000.