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Who are the stakeholders and how do they benefit?

  • Local Government who will see an increase in GDP for their region – especially from IDZ’s and SEZ’s.
  • Industry, commerce and trade as well as tourism in the outlying areas.
  • Business and leisure travelers where road travel constraints are considerations, and those who would want a connecting flight.
  • Charter companies who can instantly improve yield.
  • Chambers of Commerce who can add tangible value to membership with the member discount, and be seen as key stakeholders in developing their region’s economy.
  • Municipalities that want more dynamic access to their regions with enhanced growth.
  • Local communities that can generate income by supporting the system with landside services.
  • Smaller airfields that can now tap into a larger network, as they now become a node.
  • Tourism agencies.
  • Schoolchildren whose lives are forever changed with our Front Seat Programme.
  • Conveyors of small high-value time-sensitive cargo, such as pathology laboratories and courier companies.
  • Corporates that want to use the service to support outlying branches or teambuilding exercises.