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Terms and Conditions

Chamber Air TM is a registered trademark of the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry, a non-profit apolitical organization founded by an Act of Parliament – Act 21 of 1891 – situated in Cape Town, South Africa, governed by a Constitution available here. The Chamber is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Chamber Air does not operate as an airline, but was founded to serve as a means to stimulate trade outside or between metropolitan areas, that are not serviced by traditional carriers. We act as booking and facilitation agents for carriers that are members and have satisfied the operational, safety and legal requirements of the relevant civil aviation authorities in the region.

Information on the website may be altered at any time without notice and Chamber Air makes no guarantee that such information should be used for any other purpose than for finding general information, or as a means to make a booking with an approved carrier. Booking for the carrier’s services means that there is a direct contract between you and the carrier, and that you are bound by the carrier’s Conditions of Carriage.

Prices quoted on the website may fluctuate to cater for uncontrollable input costs and to optimize yield management for the carrier or any such reason as may be determined by Chamber Air. Discounts are provided at the discretion of Chamber Air.

Payment for Chamber Air bookings can only be made online with a credit or debit card or any other financial product considered acceptable by Chamber Air. When making payment, you will be required to comply with any and all security procedures by the financial services entities involved. Chamber Air will not be liable for any additional levies or charges made by any financial institution involved in the transaction.

If payment does not reflect within 24 hours in which the booking is made, Chamber Air reserves the right to invalidate the booking.
Booking amendment fees may be levied by Chamber Air.

Flight times are provided by the carriers, however it is understood that delays are at times unavoidable due to weather conditions, technical reasons, passenger dynamics or any other reason as deemed valid by the carrier or any other party or official related to the trip, including but not limited to air traffic control and the owners and managers of the airports and airfields of the departing and arrival destinations.

For any deviation in the service for which the booking has been made, each departing destination will have its own unique compensatory procedure involving alternative ground transportation, refunds in full or part, ongoing validity of the ticket for an alternative itinerary which may or may not involve a discount for future purchases or any combination of, or addition to, the above.

Chamber Air provides no insurance cover to mitigate any loss due to alterations in the schedule or passenger illness, injury or incapacity. Chamber Air, its stakeholders, employees, staff and agents are exempt from any liability whatsoever for any loss (including consequential loss, such as loss of revenue), illness, injury, accident, trauma (physical or otherwise), death or any other irregularity whatsoever. The passenger, his/her employer, colleague, the individual making the booking, family member or any other party related to the trip in any way, indemnifies and holds harmless Chamber Air and its affiliates.

Each carrier and destination will have specific requirements, and although Chamber Air will take all steps to inform passengers of the requirements, including but not limited to luggage constraints and identity or other documentary proof, it is up to the client to check the relevant requirements for the trip. Chamber Air will assist at its discretion, but the client acknowledges that Chamber Air has no obligation to do so and indemnifies Chamber Air against the consequences of any omission or transgression that prevents the intended itinerary from being completed.

The individual making the booking or for any person to whom the Chamber Air service is rendered, is deemed to have read and accepted these terms & conditions, and to have the designated or implied authority to act on behalf of any person in whose name the reservation is made.

The client agrees that this agreement constitutes the entire agreement and supersedes any communication conveyed by whatever means.